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Our school, as one of three in Zambrow, is a public(state) primary school. It is located in the southern part of the city, in the so-called. pokoszarowej district. 

There are 19 classrooms available for students, 2 computer labs (for classes I-III and class IV-VI), two laboratories for learning foreign languages, two rooms equipped with laptops for each student as part of the pilot government program "Digital School", a multimedia reading room,  games room, gym, library, scouts class, speech therapy room, common room and canteen. Classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, multimedia computer stations with Internet access, interactive whiteboards and projection boards and multimedia projectors. 

Most of the teachers are equipped with laptops that are used during lessons.There is also a Wifi network system inside the school building. The library has more than 21 thousand. volumes, a reading room which offers access to the Internet in 4 positions, a number of encyclopedias, video cassettes and DVDs and numerous newspapers. We are the only school in the city, which has been retrofitted with modern computers under the "Digital School" program.

The school has a complex of sports fields with artificial turf, built and opened in 2008. In the framework of the ministerial program "My Sports Field - Orlik 2012". The school building was completely renovated in 2000. And the complete renovation portion of the sports locker room in 2009, so everyone can learn and have fun in proper conditions.

  • History

    Brief history:
    It begins in 1957 and has a rich tradition. At the beginning of the school it was located in the building pokoszarowym. In 1974, together with the transfer to the newly constructed school building at ul. Magazynowa, was named Janusz Kusocińskiego.

    For many years, our students have won numerous trophies and medals in sports competitions both at the district and provincial.

    By 2000, 3450 graduates have left our school .

  • The school's Patron

    Janusz Kusociński
    Janusz Tadeusz Kusociński (15 January 1907 in Warsaw – 21 June 1940 inPalmiry) was a Polish athlete, winner in the 10000 m event at the 1932 Summer Olympics.
    Born in Warsaw into the family of a railroad worker, Janusz Kusociński, orKusy as he was nicknamed, played football for various Warsaw clubs as a schoolboy. He took up athletics in 1928 after joining the sport club "Sarmata". His coach there was the famous Estonian, decathlete Aleksander Klumberg.
    In his first competition at the Polish National Championships, Kusociński surprisingly won the 5000 m and cross country titles. He missed the next season, because he was called to duty by the Polish army, but he came back stronger than ever. He won the Polish Championship titles in the 1500 m and the 5000 m, in cross country in 1930 and 1931, and in the 800 m in 1932.
    In 1932 Kusociński was working as a gardener in a park in Warsaw. Just about a month before the Los Angeles Olympics, Kusociński ran a newworld record in the 3000 m (8:18.8) and later that year, he set a new unofficial world record in running 4 miles in a time of 19:02.6. At the Olympics, Kusociński won a close battle against the Finns Volmari Iso-Hollo and Lasse Virtanen in the 10 000 m, with a world seasons best time of 30:11.4.
    After finishing second in the first European Championships at Turin in the 5000 m, Kusociński decided to retire from athletics, but made a comeback in 1939 by winning the 10 000 m at the Polish National Championships.
    Kusociński volunteered for the Polish army after Poland was attacked by the Germans and was wounded twice. During the German occupation he worked as a waiter, but was secretly a member of the Polish resistance.Janusz Kusociński was arrested by the Gestapo on 26 March 1940 during the AB Action and imprisoned in Mokotów prison. He was executed three months later in Palmiry, near Warsaw.
    Further information: Palmiry massacre
    An annual athletics competition, the Kusociński Memorial, is held in Poland in his honour. It was in its 55th edition in 2009.On 12 August 2009, he was|posthumously awarded the Commander's Cross with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta, "for outstanding contribution to the independence of the Polish Republic, for sporting achievements in the field of athletics". Source wikipedia

  • The school's mission

    Janusz Kusocińskiego Primary School No. 3 in Zambrów
    "School of equal opportunities."
    Our school is open to every student. It is a safe and a friendly place for children.
    -Our students are solidly prepared for further education and life in a rapidly changing world of the twenty-first century,
    -Their parents have confidence in us, they support, advice and assist us, co-operate with us about all what is important for the school,
    -Teachers have developed professionally and they work with dedication for a higher school quality work.
    -We provide the basic knowledge and we create opportunities for its deepening in the later stages of education ..
    -We provide a good quality of teaching and professionalism, we use active methods.
    -We support our pupils, taking into consideration their individual needs and abilities.
    -We offer educational services at a high level.
    -We refer to our patron's profile.
    Our Patron - Janusz Kusociński - Olympic champion and soldier, defender of the Fatherland.
    A symbol of the best of everything, the most beautiful, the most valuable in the history of Polish sport '
    -As a school "Kusy" we especially promote education through sport and popularize the Olympic ideas.
    -The principle of fair play associates us in all areas of school's life.
    -We respect democratic values and the rights of the child and human and we teach how to respect them.
    -We shape the attachment to tradition, being a part ofthe regional and the European identity at the same time - we realize the program :"A Young European.. that's me. "
    -We provide a high quality of education and care, a friendly atmosphere.

Dear pupils🙂🙂😀

This is the first time I am writing to you,as your  English teacher.This website is about our school,and it's for you and I hope you would like it.Together with my colleagues, we try to give you, all the knowledge needed in your education.I am waiting for your opinions concerning this website, and of course I ask you all to log in and contact me so we can improve our school's website, thanks to you all🤪 

Namr Rashid

English Teacher at primary school 3 in Zambrów